Feature Update: Yext Listings is Now Available in Canada 🇨🇦 🤩

In our ongoing efforts to make Yext available to more countries, we are pleased to inform you that Yext is now available in Canada. We have successfully established support with over 55+ active listings.

Popular Listings Supported in Canada:

1. Amazon Alexa

2. Apple

3. Bing

4. DoorDash

5. Uber Eats

6. Yelp

7. Facebook

8. FourSquare

9. Google Business Profile

10. NextDoor

11. OpenTable

12. SnapChat

13. TripAdvisor

14. TrustPilot

All the listings supported in Canada are shown below:

By expanding Yext to Canada and incorporating support for these popular listings, we’re enabling businesses to streamline control over their online information, ensuring accuracy and consistency across platforms, while enhancing their discoverability and engagement with the Canadian customer base.

To know more about Yext and how you can resell it to your clients, click here 👈🏻

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