Feature Update: XML Sitemaps Generation for Blogs and Categories Now Live 🚀

We are excited to announce the latest release of our XML Sitemap Generation tailored specifically for blogs.

😎 What’s New?

With this update, business owners can now index the URLs for the blogs that are added to the funnel/website page(s).

Supports automatically discovering blogs and categories in the funnel/website page and crawling the URLs while just saving the funnel page in the funnel builder.

😎 Old Behaviour

Previously, In the sitemaps, we were just indexing the funnel URL, funnel/website page URLs, and any custom paths that were added.

🔥 New Behaviour 🔥

Now, along with the funnel URL, funnel page URLs, and any custom paths, we are also indexing the blogs and categories that are added to the funnel page(s)

🌟 How It Works

Indexing the blog URLs in a funnel page(s) is very straightforward. Navigate to Domain Settings > XML Sitemap > Select the funnel/website page(s) with blogs/categories you want to index.

Once you select the Funnel/Website Page > Continue > Provide any custom path if you want > click Generate and Save. You will be provided with the sitemap URL.

🔥 Pain Point Solved

Automatically crawling the funnel/website page saves the page if the page contains a blog/category navigation element in it. This way, the user doesn’t need to go to the domains page each time they modify their funnel page.

Note: Automatic crawling works only if the funnel/website page is selected for crawling. You can check this by navigating to Domain Settings > XML Sitemap.

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