Feature Update: WordPress Hosting – Manual Backups Now Available! 🔄

We are excited to announce a valuable addition to our WordPress Hosting services – Manual Backups. With this feature, users now have greater control over their website’s data, ensuring the security and stability of the WordPress sites.

Key Highlights

💾 Take Manual Backups: Users can initiate manual backups of their websites, providing an additional layer of data protection and flexibility.

📶 Backup Frequency: You can create up to 5 manual backups every 14 days, tailored to your specific needs. This option empowers you to maintain data consistency and safeguard critical information.

Backup Duration: Each manual backup will be stored in the system for a generous 14-day period. This time frame gives you the freedom to revert to previous versions of your website’s data if necessary.

Here’s how you can access Manual Backup

1. Go to Sites > WordPress > Backup and Restore

2. Click on the ‘Backup Now‘ option and give a name to your backup for easy identification.

3. Choose if you want to back up the Files Database or both.

4. The backup gets saved in the dashboard. Click on the restore option to restore your WordPress site contents to the previous version

With Manual Backups, you’re in control of your website’s data, reducing the risk of data loss and ensuring its safety and accessibility. Make the most out of this feature and enjoy greater peace of mind in managing your WordPress website. Explore the WordPress Hosting dashboard and start using Manual Backups today!

For more information and instructions on using Manual Backups, refer to our updated Help Center documentation here.

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