Feature Update: WordPress Debugging Empowerment 🛠️

We’re excited to introduce the WordPress Debugging feature, designed to give your clients more control and insight into their website’s inner workings. With this tool, can display PHP errors, warnings, notices, and other developer-related messages directly on the WordPress site. 🖥️

Here’s what you need to know:

Key Features ⚙️

Enhanced Debugging Capabilities: 🔍

PHP Errors: Get real-time visibility into PHP errors happening on the website.

Warnings and Notices: Quickly identify and address warnings and notices to keep the site running smoothly.

Developer Messages: Access valuable developer-related messages to fine-tune the site.

How to Enable WordPress Debugging 📢

– Log in to the WordPress dashboard.

– Navigate to Advanced Settings.

– Activate the WordPress Debugging option.

In addition to WordPress Debugging, we’ve also made some improvements to the user interface. You’ll find a sleeker, more user-friendly design in

– Plugin Management

– Theme Management

– User Management

– and Backup pages.

Enjoy a smoother WordPress experience! 🎉

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