Feature Update: WhatsApp – Enhancements and Bug Fixes! 🛠️

We’ve made some awesome enhancements to make your experience even better! Check it out:

🚀 Enhancements

1. Real-time update of conversation timestamp: The timestamp in the conversations tab now updates correctly after sending WhatsApp messages, ensuring accuracy in your communication history.

2. Last activity Icon on the Contacts Page

The Last Activity column on the contacts page displays the WhatsApp icon whenever your most recent communication with a contact occurred through WhatsApp. Previously, this column relied on a generic email icon

🐛 Bug Fixes

– Resolved an issue that previously prevented users from setting a WhatsApp number as the default.

– Addressed a problem with the WhatsApp template to show the correct error message in case of update or creation failures.

– Fixed an issue in the WhatsApp onboarding flow to display an appropriate error message when the integration process fails.

– Ensured backward compatibility for the attachment API in the WhatsApp Mobile API used in the mobile app.

– Addressed a scenario in WhatsApp Name Change where alterations to WhatsApp names were not consistently reflected on the GHL WhatsApp Settings Page.

– Fixed an issue in WhatsApp Workflow where, during execution, certain GHL variables were replaced with empty values instead of their correct values.

📘 Refer to this article to view the step-by-step process to set up WhatsApp 👈

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