Feature Update: WhatsApp – Enhancements 🛠️

We’ve made some awesome enhancements to make your experience even better! Check it out:

🚀 Enhancements

1. Subscription Check & Visibility

– Goodbye, confusion! We’ve introduced a WhatsApp subscription check on both the conversation and contact pages. This means you’ll only see the WhatsApp tab and relevant options in the message type filter dropdown if your location has an active WhatsApp subscription. This ensures you see the features you need and avoids clutter in the interface.

2. Outbound WhatsApp Number Selection

– We’ve enhanced how HighLevel handles phone number selection for outbound WhatsApp messages, ensuring smoother communication and addressing previous limitations.


– Outbound messages always use the default WhatsApp number configured in your settings.


– The system attempts to prioritise the contact’s last used WhatsApp number for each conversation, providing a more personalised experience. This number is retrieved from the most recent inbound message received from the customer.

– If no recent inbound message exists, the default WhatsApp number is still used as a fallback.

This change addresses:

– An issue where attempting to reply to a contact using the default number might fail if your location has multiple WhatsApp phone numbers.

– Previously, the system wouldn’t necessarily use the number the customer originally messaged you on, potentially leading to a 24-hour window closure error

3. Outbound WhatsApp Number Selection

Improved Error Messaging: Enhanced error handling for Facebook error messages in edge cases, providing more specific reasons for message failures.

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