Feature Update: WhatsApp Delivery Status and Other Releases

WhatsApp Delivery Status Support under Workflow

We are thrilled to announce the addition of WhatsApp delivery status support in workflows! This new feature allows you to enhance your communication strategies by incorporating conditional logic based on the delivery status of WhatsApp messages.

What’s New?

You can now use if/else conditions based on WhatsApp delivery status to determine the next steps in your workflow. We’ve added a toggle to hold the contact in the workflow until we receive the delivery status from Meta. This ensures seamless communication by enabling failover to SMS or Email if a WhatsApp message fails.

Key Highlights

1. Failover Mechanism: Automatically send SMS or Email to customers when a WhatsApp message fails to deliver, ensuring no communication is missed.

2. Optimized Deliverability: Enhance the overall effectiveness and reliability of your communications by leveraging multiple channels.

3. Recipe for WhatsApp Delivery Status: You can use WhatsApp Delivery Status recipe to get started with workflows

How It Works?

1. Navigate to the Automation > Create Workflow

2. Select WhatsApp Action


4. Add Action > If/Else

5. Select Contact Details > Valid WhatsApp > Add conditions for True and False

6. Add failover to SMS/Email for False and None Branch

Missed Call WhatsApp Back

We have released the Missed Call WhatsApp-Back feature. When a call from a lead is missed, an automatic WhatsApp reply will be sent to the lead, and the assigned user will be notified to follow up.

Use the below recipe to create your missed call WhatsApp back workflow

⚙️ Enhancements

1. Retry WhatsApp Payment: We’ve introduced a new “Retry Payment” button for WhatsApp subscriptions. If an automatic payment fails, users can now manually retry the payment, ensuring uninterrupted access to their WhatsApp services.

2. WABA Account Rejected: If a WhatsApp Business account is rejected by Meta, users will now see an error message and be redirected to the Meta Business Support Home for assistance.

3. SaaS Mode Validation: We have removed the SaaS mode validation for WhatsApp purchases. Previously, only sub-accounts with SaaS mode enabled could purchase WhatsApp. Now, this restriction has been lifted.

🐞Bug Fixes

1. We’ve updated the credit line to Lead Connector LLC on Meta

2. Fixed: Getting the default phone number from the last message in the conversation

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