Feature Update: WhatsApp Conversation Rebilling 💵

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated and much-requested feature in our latest Release – WhatsApp Conversation Rebilling!

What’s New?

Now, agencies can take their revenue to the next level by rebilling customers for WhatsApp Conversation charges with a customizable markup.

Key Highlights

1. WhatsApp Conversation Rebilling: As an agency you now have the option to rebill your customers for WhatsApp Conversation charges, providing a seamless and transparent billing experience.

2. Customizable Markup: Enjoy increased flexibility with the ability to set your markup, tailoring it to meet the unique needs of your business. Unlike the previous fixed 5% markup, now you have the freedom to charge higher markups as needed.

How It Works?

1. Navigate to the Sub-Accounts in your agency dashboard.

2. Search the location you wish to Rebill

3. Select the three-dot button on the bottom right and click Manage Client

4. Navigate to WhatsApp Conversation

5. Set your desired markup percentage.

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