Feature Update: Void Sent/Overdue/Paid Invoices || Refunds for Manual Payments

Businesses will now be able to void a sent/overdue/paid invoice

– This solves a major pain point when a client cancels in between a scheduled recurring template and there are some pending invoices that were never paid. Voiding an invoice eliminates the friction with such invoices which are no longer collectible and disturb the overall payment statistics

– If the invoice was paid (card payments or recorded manually), the associated transaction needs to be fully refunded first to void the paid invoice

Businesses also have the option now to fully/partially refund manual payments recorded on invoices

– Voided invoices will not be visible in the list view by default, but can be specifically filtered using the Void filter

– If an invoice is voided, it will not affect the invoice statistics displayed on the Invoices list page

– Audit logs will be maintained for all the void, delete, and refund actions performed

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