Feature Update: VoiceMail Drop Ramp-Up Model 🔍

To ensure a smoother experience for genuine clients and to curb the misuse by spammers, we’re rolling out a ramp-up model for new sub-accounts that register within LC Phone. Here’s how the ramp is structured:

– Day 1: 200 voicemail

– Day 2: 400 voicemail

– Day 3: 600 voicemail

– Day 4: 800 voicemail

– Day 5: 1,000 voicemail

– Day 6: 1,200 voicemail

– Day 7: 1,400 voicemail

– Day 8 and beyond: Limit of 2,000 voicemail drops

This model prevents spammers from signing up and flooding the system with excessive voicemail drops immediately after registration.

Learn More about the LC Messaging Policy here

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