Feature Update: Version History for Forms and Surveys 📝📊

🎉 We’re thrilled to introduce Version History to Forms and Surveys! 🎉

This update gives you the tools to track changes to your forms and surveys, allowing more robust management of form and survey versions

👀 What’s New?

💾 Automatic Version Creation: Every time you save changes in the form or survey, a new version is automatically created

✅ Edit Tracking Simplified: Every edit is captured as a distinct version, allowing for detailed version tracking. Never worry about losing track of your edits!

âŗ Version Preview: Take a peek back in time! Preview any previous version of your form or survey directly within the builder. Click on the versions icon to see a list of all available versions, complete with timestamps and version numbers

↩ī¸ Restore Previous Versions: Made a change you regret? Easily restore your form or survey to any previous version in a snap!

🕹ī¸ Enhanced Version Management: Our improved interface makes navigating and comparing different versions a breeze, so you can choose the most appropriate version for your current needs.

Get ready for streamlined form and survey management! This feature gives you the power to confidently track your changes and always have the option to revert if needed.

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