Feature Update: User Management: Enhancements to New User Creation Flow

We’ve enhanced the new user creation flow at both the agency and sub-account levels, enabling newly created users to set their passwords before logging into their accounts. This update prevents admins from setting a password for new users or sharing it via email.

This change was implemented based on customer feedback and to mitigate the negative impact the previous flow had on the domain’s reputation.

What’s New?

– Admins can now create new users without having to set a password for them.

– Newly created users will receive an invitation email without password information (unlike before) and a call-to-action (CTA) to proceed with account activation and log in.

– Upon clicking the CTA, users are prompted to set a password for themselves.

– After setting the password, users can log in to their account using their email and the newly created password.

– Agency Admin will be receiving emails for User creation(Top 25 agency Admins)


If the user hasn’t received the Activation email or the Activation email expired, Admin can send the email again by triggering it from the Teams/MyStaff page by clicking on the Verification Email button. This button will be available until the user set the password.

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