Feature Update: Use of Sub Account-Level Branded Domain Name for Invoice, Receipts & Payment Links

Enhancements Implemented

Invoice & Payment Link: When sending invoices and payment links to users, the link will now reflect the configured sub-account-level branded domain name, ensuring a consistent and customised experience.

Preview Link Generation: When copying a preview link from the application, the link will seamlessly adopt the sub-account-level branded domain name if configured by the sub-account.

Text2Pay Links: Both preview and copied links associated with Text2Pay functionality will now be aligned with the sub-account-level branded domain name if configured, providing a cohesive branding experience.

Downloaded Invoices: Links embedded in downloaded invoices will dynamically adapt to the sub-account-level branded domain name if configured by the sub-account.

Short Links Generation: Short links generated for invoices will prioritise the sub-account-level branded domain name, if configured, ensuring a unified brand presence across all shared links.

Antivirus Blocking Resolution: The utilisation of the sub-account-level branded domain name mitigates the issue of payment links being flagged or blocked by antivirus software. This update ensures a smoother experience for users by minimising the chances of links being erroneously identified as potentially harmful.

Sub Account Configuration

– It’s important to note that these changes are contingent upon the sub-accounts configuration of the sub-account-level branded domain name.

– If configured, the invoice and payment links will seamlessly utilize these personalised links. However, in the absence of configuration, the system will fall back to the Agency level White Label API domain.


– This update enhances brand consistency and provides a professional touch to all interactions involving invoice and payment links.

– Moreover, it resolves the issue of links being mistakenly blocked by antivirus software, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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