Feature Update: * URL Redirect Support Now Live πŸš€

We are thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to our platform, addressing a common user pain point with URL redirects. Many users have expressed challenges in manually creating redirects for each URL path combination when connecting their www domain to our platform. We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to present an efficient solution.

πŸ”₯ What’s new with this update? πŸ”₯

Users can now create a single redirect with * as the path and an already connected domain as the target. With this improvement, any request to that host and its subpath will automatically redirect to the same path on the target domain.

😍 Pain Point Solved 😍

– Users have faced difficulties in redirecting specific URL paths from their www domain to our platform. For example, if a user has “example.com” as their domain and wishes to connect “www.example.com” to our funnel, the limitation only allows them to serve the path “www.example.com/”.

– The hassle arises when users want more specific redirects, such as “www.example.com/store” to “example.com/store,” requiring them to set up individual URL redirects for each page.

😎 How to Use: 😎

– Go to URL Redirects under location settings

– Click on Add Redirect and choose a domain to be redirected

– Don’t choose any path. Choose Redirect type to be All.

– Choose the domain where you want it to be redirected.

– Now all your subpaths of the domain will be redirected to subpaths of the target domain.


– URL redirects with * are only allowed to be added if you are the domain owner of the target domain.

– For the domain which is redirected: Default page and 404 page won’t be applicable for this domain and all traffic to this domain would be redirected

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