Feature Update: Unveiling Transaction Filtering in POS Systems: Organized Data at Your Fingertips 🌟

We’re thrilled to announce a breakthrough in transaction management with our latest POS system feature: Transaction Filtering!

This cutting-edge development is tailored to ensure your transaction data is neatly organized and easily accessible.

🚀 Advanced Filtering for Enhanced Data Management 🚀

With Transaction Filtering, you gain the power to sift through your transaction data like never before. Filter by transaction type, whether it’s POS transactions or other forms, and quickly identify the status of each transaction – be it Successful, Failed, Cancelled, Processing, Pending, Refunded, or Partially Refunded.

📅 Comprehensive Date Range Selection 📅

Dive into your transaction history with our versatile date-filtering options. Choose from preset ranges like today, yesterday, last 7 days, last 28 days, last month, or last 90 days. Or, customize your search with a specific date range to pinpoint the exact data you need.

🔎 Contact-Specific Transaction Insights 🔎

Our feature goes a step further by allowing you to filter transactions by contact details. Simply enter the name, email, or phone number of a contact, and our intelligent system will display all transactions linked to that individual. This integration works in harmony with other filters, providing a comprehensive view of your customer interactions.

💲 Transaction Details in Contact Cards 💲

In addition to these powerful filtering capabilities, we’re introducing a feature that allows you to view the complete transaction history of a contact directly within their contact card. This means every contact in your POS system now offers direct access to an exhaustive log of all their transactions, providing you with a deeper understanding of each customer’s interaction history.

🔥 Why You Need Transaction Filtering 🔥

This feature is indispensable for those seeking a meticulous approach to transaction management. It enhances your ability to organize and analyze transaction data, leading to better customer understanding and more targeted business strategies.

🥳 Get Started with Our Revolutionary Transaction Filtering 🥳

Ready to transform your data management experience? Here’s how to maximize the potential of Transaction Filtering:

– Open your POS system and head to the transactions page.

– Use the intuitive filter options to sort transactions by type, status, and date range.

– Enter a contact’s name, email, or phone number for specific transaction insights.

– Combine different filters for a customized data view that meets your unique business needs.

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