Feature Update: Undo and Redo in Image Editor 🖼️

Revolutionise your image editing experience with our cutting-edge feature that not only empowers your creativity but also ensures confidence in every edit! With the ability to effortlessly undo and redo, you have the freedom to experiment, correct mistakes, and perfect your vision without limitations. Elevate your workflow efficiency and unleash your creative potential – try our image editor today!🖼️

🚀 This is important for several reasons:

1. Mistake Correction: Users often make mistakes while editing images, such as applying the wrong filter or deleting something accidentally. Undo allows them to revert to the previous state and correct the error.

2. Experimentation: Image editing involves a lot of experimentation with different effects, adjustments, and modifications. Undo enables users to try out various changes without the fear of irreversible consequences.

3. Workflow Efficiency: Users can navigate through multiple editing steps more efficiently by undoing or redoing actions, helping them find the desired outcome without starting the editing process over again.

4. User Confidence: The presence of undo and redo features increases user confidence, as they know they can explore creative options and make changes without worrying about irreparable damage to their work.

We have added support for the confirmation modal if the customer ends up editing and closing the changes, the image editor will ask for confirmation on the changes.

🤑 What’s next for Image Editor?

1. Text Support for Any Image: This will help with images generated by AI and the template library.

2. Emoji and Sticker Support Like Canva: Make your images more appealing.

3. Edit the Images with AI: Change the way images look and feel

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