Feature Update: Toll-Free Rejection Reason and LC Phone Upgrades ☎️

🪄New Feature

🔍 Toll-Free Verification:

– The reason for toll-free rejection will now be displayed on the Phone Numbers page’s UI interface.

– This enhancement aids users in understanding the cause of failure and facilitates necessary modifications during resubmission.

⚙️ Enhancements

🔐 Fraud/Spam Protect:

– SMS ramp-up timelines have been adjusted. They no longer begin on the first day of sub-account creation but will start when the location sends its first SMS. This change applies only to LC Phone sub-accounts.

– Verified CallerID Phone call verification was not being charged because of an issue, it will be charged as per the call prices moving forward.

📃 A2P Registrations:

– The brand status will indicate “Verification Required” when OTP verification is pending for Sole Proprietor brands. Previously, this status was erroneously displayed as approved.

– A2P submissions previously failing with the warning “Customer Profile is deleted/in draft” will now automatically create a new customer profile, reducing submission issues.

– The Business Type field in the Business Profile settings page now includes “LLC or Sole Proprietor” as an option.

– “Others” has been added as an option in the Business Registration ID Type field on the Business Profile settings page.

– A pricing checkbox for acknowledgment has been added to the A2P registration flow.

– An A2P banner will appear on the Phone Number page only for U.S. locations with at least one U.S. local/mobile number.

Toll-Free and A2P Registration Banners: Removed the TollFree and A2P registration banners that previously appeared upon accessing a location.

Power Dailer Optimisation: We have refactored the power dialer code and API calls to make the call button load faster and handled state/error management cases when the wallet balance is low, the phone system is not connected, etc to show proper error messages.

📚 Support Docs

Why Was My Toll-Free Verification Rejected – Location LC Branding

Toll-Free Verification Guide for LC – Phone (US/Canada) – Location LC Branding

Toll-Free Verification Guide for LC – Phone (US/Canada) – Agency GHL Branding

🐞 Bug Fixes

Toll-Free Verification:

– Fixed an issue where TF verification submissions failed when the image URL included https.

– Resolved a problem due to incorrect variable passing to carriers in TF verification submissions.

– Fixed automatic failure of TF resubmissions (after rejection) in cases where no data was modified, ensuring proper error messages are displayed.

Trust Center:

– Fixed an incorrectly configured character limit in the user consent field, which caused A2P Campaign submission failures.

– Resolved the issue of A2P status not displaying when the Brand was approved, and the campaign had not yet started.

– Implemented UI optimizations on the CNAM page for a cleaner appearance.

Connect Stripe Warning: Corrected the condition to prevent the “Connect Stripe” banner from showing on the sub-accounts settings tab of the “Phone Integration” page for previously verified customers.

Phone Numbers: Number Info was not showing the locality correctly, it is fixed now.

Call Flow:

– Resolved the use of a deprecated calling parameter during outbound call initialization.

– Fixed the Ring All feature, which previously rang a user multiple times if the user had the same phone number assigned; it now rings only once per user.

– Incoming calls no longer drop abruptly due to incorrect pattern custom variables in Whisper messages; such messages will be skipped, and the call will continue.

Missed Call Text Back: UI has been upgraded as part of the Last CRM UI components library upgrade.

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