Feature Update: Taxes and Discounts on Point of Sale

We’re thrilled to announce our latest update to Payments on Mobile – the ability to add taxes and discounts to a POS transaction! Sub-accounts can now create taxes on the Last CRM web app and attach them to Products using the Product Builder feature on Mobile. Any tax linked to a product will automatically be applied on checkout if the product is added to the cart using the Product Catalog.

– Additionally, subaccount admins/users can also choose to add a percentage discount to the final amount on the checkout screen. This feature will be available on the Leadconnector app, and Whitelabelled apps (an update needs to be requested).

🚀 What’s New?

Add Tax: Users can link taxes to created products. Linked taxes will automatically be applied to the checkout automatically – no manual intervention is needed.

– Add Discount: Users will have the option to add a discount to the final transaction amount for their customers.

⚠️ Prerequisite

To attach taxes to a product, head over to the HighLevel web app, navigate to the payments section, and click on settings. You can then create taxes. Taxes created by you will be available inside the Product Builder feature inside the mobile app.

👷‍♂️ How It Works

– Open the mobile app with your preferred subaccount selected.

– Using the hamburger menu from the top left of the screen, head over to the “Products” section. Make sure that you have already created taxes on the HighLevel web app.

– Create/edit a product. On the first step, you will see a dropdown to link taxes, Click on it to reveal all the taxes created by you and link the ones that you want for that particular product.

– Save the changes made to the product.

– Every time you add this product to the checkout page, associated taxes will automatically be applied,

– At the bottom of the checkout page, a dedicated discount button will be present. Clicking on that will open the discount slider.

– Adjust the slider to the percentage you would like to apply

⭐️ Why it Matters?

This update allows subaccount admins and users to finally start adding taxes to their transactions, greatly simplifying the checkout process.

⏩ What’s Next?

Location-based Taxes: Choose from a list of taxes based on your location. No need to create a tax on your own

Coupon codes for discount: Create coupons, and distribute them to your customers. These coupon codes will be applicable to avail of a discount on checkout.

Link Tax

Taxes on Checkout

Discount Slider

Taxes+Discounts on Checkout

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