Feature Update: Support for Subscript and Superscript in Funnel/Website Builder 🚀🚀

This new feature allows users to effortlessly format their text with raised (superscript) or lowered (subscript) characters, adding versatility and clarity to their content in funnels or websites.

The superscript and subscript use the sup and sub tags for better SEO and HTML structure

🌟 Why? 🌟

– Superscript text is generally used for exponents, measurement units, or trademark symbols like TM, SM, ®, etc.

– Subscript text is generally used for mathematics and chemical formulas. It can also be used to denote footnote numbers.

🔥 How to Use? 🔥

– Add or edit any elements with the text editor like headlines, sub-headlines, paragraphs, etc.

– Select the characters or words.

– Toggle the subscript or superscript icons from the text editor bubble menu.

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