Feature Update: Sub-Accounts: Improved Affiliate Campaign Creation Flow!

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest update, which brings significant enhancements to the way you create affiliate campaigns. With an expanded multi-tier commission system, direct affiliate assignment capabilities, and an improved user experience, creating impactful affiliate campaigns has never been easier.

🚀 What’s New?

Improved Flow: Experience a more intuitive and user-friendly interface for creating affiliate campaigns, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process from start to finish.

Product List Review: Easily review and manage the products to ensure that only eligible items are included for commissions, helping you maintain accuracy and relevance in your campaigns.

Flexible Commission: Choose between setting default commissions for the entire campaign or configuring product-based commissions.

Optional Multi-Tier Commission: If needed, easily configure multi-tier commissions to incentivize affiliates at different levels and maximize your campaign’s effectiveness.

Direct Affiliate Preview and Assignment: Preview and assign affiliates directly within the campaign creation flow, eliminating the need for additional steps.

Pre-Filled Additional Settings: Enjoy the convenience of pre-filled additional settings based on your global settings, reducing the time and effort required to set up each campaign.

👷 How It Works?

1. Click on “Add” on the Campaign page to begin.

2. Choose your campaign source where your products are added.

3. Configure source details.

4. Review and modify the product list to include eligible items for commissions.

5. Set default commissions for the entire campaign or customize them on a product-by-product basis.

6. Enable multi-tier commissions and configure tier-specific commission rates. (Optional)

7. Add a campaign description to provide context and attract affiliates. (Optional)

8. Assign affiliates directly to the campaign, ensuring seamless integration with your existing affiliate network.

9. Adjust additional settings such as email templates, cookie life, and payout terms to optimize campaign performance.

10. Publish your campaign or save it as a draft to make further adjustments.

⭐ Why It Matter?

This update improves the affiliate campaign creation process, empowering businesses to build more complex and lucrative commission structures with ease. Streamlined workflows and enhanced features ensure that users can maximize their affiliate marketing efforts and drive growth like never before.

⏩ What’s Next?

But we’re not stopping here! We’re committed to completely revamping our Affiliate Manager platform to bring you even more exciting features and enhancements. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up:

Auto Payouts using PayPal: Say goodbye to manual payment processing! We’re introducing automated payouts using PayPal to streamline the payout process for you and your affiliates.

Directly Adding Sub Affiliates without a Purchase: We’re making it easier than ever to grow your affiliate network by allowing you to directly add sub-affiliates without requiring them to make a purchase first.

Expanded Support for Various Sources: Get ready for even more flexibility in your affiliate campaigns! Soon, you’ll be able to use calendars, memberships, e-commerce platforms, and much more as sources in your affiliate campaigns.

For a detailed guide on how to create your first affiliate campaign, click here.

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