Feature Update: Sub-Account Affiliate Manager: Lead Tracking for Forms, Surveys and Calendars

Introducing Lead Tracking for Forms, Surveys, and Calendars in Sub Account Affiliate Manager! Now, you can effortlessly monitor leads generated from these sources with ease.

πŸ‘€ What’s New?

– Create Affiliate campaigns to track leads from Forms, Surveys, and Calendars.

– Enjoy a quick and simple 2-step campaign creation process.

– Access the Source field in the Lead tab of the Affiliate Profile Page for seamless tracking.

πŸ‘· How It Works?

1. Navigate to Affiliate Manager.

2. Click Add on the Campaign Page.

3. Choose Forms, Surveys, or Calendars as your source.

4. Assign Affiliates, add a description, and review additional settings (optional).

5. Publish the campaign and start tracking leads!

⭐ Why it Matters?

– Track leads directly from forms, surveys, and calendars without requiring purchases.

– Perfect for service industry clients relying on appointments, submissions, and leads.

⏩ What’s Next?

While we’re thrilled about enabling lead tracking for affiliate campaigns, we’re not stopping here! In the future, we’ll be expanding commission support for leads too.

πŸ“Œ Important Note:

1. Custom Embed/Iframes are not supported for lead tracking. Users need to add forms/surveys/calendars as components inside a funnel/webpage to enable tracking.

2. Users can add their own domain to reflect on the Referral URL. (Settings > Business Profile > Branded Domain). Once added, the new domain will automatically reflect on the referral URLs.

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