Feature Update: Sub-Account Affiliate Manager: Adding Sub-Affiliates

Exciting News for Affiliate Managers: Effortless Sub-Affiliate Management Ahead!

πŸ‘€ What’s New?

No Purchase Necessary: Previously, customers had to purchase to become a sub-affiliate. Now, it’s much easier to add a Sub-Affiliate.

Streamlined Process: Adding and removing sub-affiliates now requires just two clicks, making it faster and more efficient.

Direct Addition Option: Users can now add a Sub-Affiliate directly if they’re not already present on the platform as well.

πŸ‘· How It Works?

1. Navigate to the Affiliate page in Affiliate Manager.

2. Select the Affiliate and scroll down to the Sub-Affiliate tab.

3. Click Add Sub-Affiliate and choose the campaign.

4. From the New Sub-Affiliate List, click to add.

5. Remove existing sub-affiliates if needed.

6. Add new profiles directly if not present.

7. Save your changes.!

🌟 Why it Matters?

Simplified Process: Our improved flow makes it easier for users to manage sub-affiliates, saving time and effort.

Greater Flexibility: With the option to add sub-affiliates directly and without a purchase requirement, users have more control over their affiliate campaigns.

Enhanced Efficiency: The streamlined process ensures a smoother experience, allowing users to focus on maximising their affiliate program’s performance.

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