Feature Update: Streamlined Global Link Customization Now Available in Email Builder

A new feature has been introduced in the Email Builder, allowing for the easy management of link appearances across email content.

This feature enables setting link parameters directly in the Global Appearance section, greatly simplifying the customization process.

🚀 Why?

– The update was implemented to streamline the link customization process, a change driven by user feedback. Allowing link settings to be centralized globally, ensures a consistent look and feel throughout email projects.

⭐ Key Benefits

Ease of Consistency: Users can now define link colors and styles globally, ensuring a professional and uniform appearance across all emails.

Time Efficiency: The update eliminates the need for manual adjustments in multiple areas. Setting parameters globally applies changes across the board, saving time and effort.

Adaptability: Users can quickly adapt to design trends by adjusting link parameters globally, keeping email content modern and relevant.

🧐 How to Access?

– Go to the Global Appearance section in the Email Builder.

– In the Link section, update the style and color preferences.

🔄 Flexibility in Inline Editing:

– Inline edits made to links will automatically override global settings, providing flexibility and ensuring specific customization needs are met while maintaining overall consistency.

This enhancement is expected to significantly improve the process of creating email content, offering both simplicity and customization efficiency.

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