Feature Update: Step Up Call Game: Browser Alerts, Ring All & Enhanced Features! 📞

We’re thrilled to bring a suite of updates designed to enhance the call management experience and streamline integrations. From better team collaboration with the “Incoming Call Ring All” feature to easy access to call recordings via our public API, we’ve got a lot in store. Dive in to see what’s new!

📞 Incoming Call Ring All

We’re excited to introduce a feature that amplifies team collaboration! Now, assign up to 8 users to a single number, ensuring that everyone gets notified when an incoming call hits that number. Here’s how it works:

– The primary user assigned to the number on the Teams page, along with the linked forwarding number, will automatically get the call.

– This results in a potential 10 concurrent rings.

– Calls will be directed to the user’s chosen channel, be it the web app or mobile app. And if you’re wondering which one rings when both are selected? The web app takes precedence.

How to Set It Up?

– Navigate to the Phone Numbers Tab –

– Edit Configuration for a number

– Enable ‘Ring Incoming Call to all Users’ and add the team members.

🔔 Inbound Calls Browser Notification

Never miss a call, even when multitasking! Your clients can receive a new inbound call on the web application, even when they’re on a different tab. we’ve got covered with a browser notification.

🔗 Public API for Call Recordings

Integration just got easier! Retrieve the recording of any call using our public APIs.

Documentation & Steps: Get Recording for a Call 👈

🪄 Enhancements

🎶 Outbound Calls RingTone Attribute

To make the call experience more authentic and localized, we’ve added a “RingTone” attribute for outbound calls. It automatically plays the appropriate ringtone based on the destination country.

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