Feature Update: SSO in our Developer App Marketplace

Excited to announce the SSO feature in our developer marketplace platform. Developers can now seamlessly tap into the logged-in details of GHL users. This paves the way for the creation of more user-interactive apps, offering a richer and more personalized experience to our user base.

What’s New?

Active User Session Access: Developers can retrieve the active user session object when on the app’s custom page.

Built-in SSO Functionality: We’ve integrated an out-of-the-box SSO functionality within the app starter kit.

How it Helps Our Developer Partners & Customers

Unified User Experience: Developers can create apps offering users a seamless experience without the need to repeatedly log in to multiple applications or services within the marketplace.

Personalized App Content: With the ability to access logged-in user details, developers can personalize app content based on user roles, locations, and permissions.

Enhanced App Integration: Developers can now better integrate their apps with other systems or services in the marketplace, leveraging the SSO functionality.

Quick App Development: With the built-in SSO functionality in the app starter kit, developers can expedite the app development process without building SSO from scratch.

Streamlined Access Control: For apps differentiating user roles and permissions (e.g., admin vs. regular users), the SSO user object provides essential data for enforcing proper access control.

Whitelabel Access: This also helps us create and maintain a white-label-friendly marketplace ecosystem.

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