Feature Update: SEO Suggester and HTML Language Attribute Selector

🎉 Time to Level Up Your SEO Game 🎉

Get ready to boost your SEO score with these awesome new features:

– 🔥 SEO Suggester: Get actionable tips and insights to optimize your website’s content for better search results.

– 🌐 HTML Language Selector: Easily set the correct language attribute for your funnel/website pages, improving accessibility and search engine understanding.

– 💡 Meta Preview Enhancements: Users can now see the domain and path URL of the page in the Meta preview

🤔 Why This Matters?

Strong SEO means more visibility, more traffic, and reaching the right audience. With SEO Suggester feature, you can easily optimise your content without the need for extensive SEO knowledge, helping you achieve better results and attract more visitors to your website.

❓ How to Set the Language Attribute?

1. Open your page in the builder.

2. Go to SEO Meta Data Settings.

3. Find the new “Language” option and select your language code (default is “en” for English).

Start optimizing and watch your website climb the search rankings!

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