Feature Update: Security Warning for Spam SMS in LC Phone Account⚠️

Navigate safely and responsibly with our new spam SMS warning feature for LC Phone users!

What’s New?📣

To ensure the responsible use of our SMS feature, we’ve added a security warning for locations using LC Phone that attempt to save a workflow with any SMS step containing words related to:

– Cannabis

– Vape

– Tobacco

– Firearms

– Alcohol

– Hate-speech

– Sex-related words.

Upon trying to save such a workflow, users will be presented with a warning modal that informs them of the potential consequences of using banned words in SMS content.

What’s the Impact?🎯

Users have the option to confirm and proceed with saving the workflow with the banned words. Alternatively, if they choose to heed the warning, they will need to modify the SMS steps containing these banned words.

We want to make it clear that we’re not directly restricting SMS sending. However, if users choose to proceed with spam SMS, we’ll log the SMS sending on the dashboard in the backend. This enables us to identify the locations and workflows sending out spam SMS that are on LC Phone.

Why This Matter?🤔

This initiative helps ensure our platform is used responsibly and complies with regulations and standards concerning the use of specific words in SMS. It aims to maintain a respectful and law-abiding environment for all users.

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