Feature Update: Security Headers in Funnels/Websites

Web pages are prone to vulnerabilities and can be subjected to various attacks, which can be blocked using headers sent to the browser when the page is loaded thus safeguarding malicious activities by 3rd parties.


A new security tab is added in the Funnel/Website detail page where customers can add custom security headers of their choice to make their funnel/website more secure against attacks and vulnerabilities.

🤩 Key Features & Benefits

– Security tab in funnels/websites where users can add custom response headers for their funnels

– Headers play a vital role in website security, previously there was no option where users could configure these like they could do in other platforms

– With this update users can configure the security headers themselves without any limitations

😎 How to Use?

1. Open any Funnel/Website

2. Navigate to the Security Tab

3. Click on add security header

4. On the modal enter the header and value

5. Click on Save

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