Feature Update: Second Tier Commission for Affiliate Manager (Sub-Account) 🤩

Imagine affiliate marketing on turbocharge! 🚀🚀Second-tier commissions are like the VIP pass to a whole new level of earning. It’s not just about what you sell, but also about the dream team you build. Picture a network of affiliates, all working together like a powerhouse, and you get a piece of the action from their success too! It’s like having your own squad of superstars, and every victory they achieve, you share in the glory! Second-tier commissions turn affiliate marketing into an exhilarating team sport!🤩

Second-tier commissions in affiliate marketing refer to a system where affiliates can earn commissions not only for the sales they directly generate but also for the sales generated by affiliates they refer to the program. This creates a multi-level structure where affiliates can benefit not only from their own efforts but also from the efforts of those they recruit.

Here are some reasons why second-tier commissions can be beneficial in affiliate marketing:

1. Incentivises Recruitment: Offering second-tier commissions provides an incentive for affiliates to actively recruit and mentor new affiliates. This can help in expanding the affiliate network, which ultimately leads to more sales and exposure for the merchant.

2. Motivation for Affiliates: Knowing that they can earn additional income from the efforts of affiliates they refer, existing affiliates may be more motivated to actively support and assist their recruits. This can lead to a more engaged and collaborative affiliate community.

3. Rewards for Leadership and Mentorship: Affiliates who excel at mentoring and guiding their recruits should be rewarded for their leadership skills. Second-tier commissions recognise and compensate affiliates for their role in developing a successful team.

4. Long-term Growth Potential: Second-tier commissions can lead to exponential growth as the affiliate network expands. Affiliates have a vested interest in helping their recruits succeed, which can lead to a self-sustaining cycle of recruitment, training, and sales.

How does Second Tier Affiliate Marketing work?

1. Go to Marketing > Affiliate Manager

2. Navigate yourself to Campaigns, Create a new campaign for running two-tier commissions.

3. While creating a campaign, there will be an option to add the first-tier commission and second-tier commission

4. Pre-requisite for running the Affiliate Manager, the user will have to add a one-step or two-step order form inside the Funnel Step/Website page and should have a domain connected.

5. If you want to create a network of affiliates and keep earning from those sales, the two-tier commission is the weapon.

When someone joins a program as an affiliate, they can earn money not just for the sales they make themselves, but also for the sales made by people they invited to join the program. This happens when the person they referred buys a product after going through the program’s process.

6. Once the purchase is completed, the parent affiliate will be able to see the option to see the sales by the child affiliates and the number of leads/customers they were able to bring.

7. Also, the commission added in percentage or flat can be measured by visiting Payouts of Parent Affiliate.

😇 Help Article – How to add 2nd Tier Commission for Affiliate Manager

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