Feature Update: Seamless Migration to CloudFlare

🚀 Seamless domain migration is now live 🚀

We’ve made migrating your existing domains to CloudFlare easier. No deletions and re-additions are necessary!

🤩 Introducing One-Click Migration with Domain Connect


– ⚡️Speed Upgrade: Your funnels and websites get a 15% speed boost!

– 🛡️Security Shield: Enhanced protection against DDoS attacks and other threats.

– 🧠Smart Caching: Visitors enjoy faster loading times thanks to optimized caching.

❓How to Switch (It’s Super Easy)

Automated flow with one-click migration:

1. Click Migrate Domain

2. Follow the Domain Connect flow.

3. Simply follow the prompts, and your DNS updates automatically – magic! 🪄

4. Done! Your domain is now powered by Cloudflare.

Manual Migration (Unsupported Providers):

1. Click “Migrate Domain”

2. Make these small DNS updates:

– CNAME records -> sites.ludicrious.cloud

– Apex record -> IP address

3. Click Authorize Domain to verify

4. Congratulations! You’re all set! Your domain is now on CloudFlare.

Get ready for a faster, safer, more streamlined domain experience!

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