Feature Update: Schedule Your Instagram Reel with Social Planner

Want to upload short form Video Content on Instagram? Social Planner now supports Instagram Reel.

Social Planner supports creating smart short videos and scheduling them on Instagram Reels.

🤩 About the Release:

Short-form video is the most engaging content type, and it has the highest ROI compared to any other content format. Businesses are using Instagram Reels to educate, inform, inspire, showcase company culture, and entertain.

🤗 Advantage for using Instagram Reel:

1. Increased visibility: Instagram Reels provide an opportunity for users to reach a wider audience. When you create a Reel, it has the potential to be featured on the Explore page, where people who don’t follow you can discover your content. This exposure can help individuals, influencers, and businesses gain more visibility and attract new followers.

2. Creative expression: Reels offer a platform for users to showcase their creativity and talent. With various editing tools, effects, filters, and audio options, people can experiment and create engaging and visually appealing short videos.

3. Discoverability: Instagram Reels’ algorithm is designed to show users content based on their interests, preferences, and engagement patterns. This means that if you consistently create engaging Reels, there’s a higher chance of your content being recommended to users who are likely to enjoy it. This can help individuals and brands increase their reach and attract more followers.

4. Business promotion: Reels also provide an opportunity for businesses to humanize their brand and connect with their audience on a more personal level.

5. Bite-sized content consumption: In today’s fast-paced digital environment, short-form content is popular due to its quick and easily consumable nature. Users can scroll through Reels quickly, making it a convenient way to discover and engage with content.

💪 How to Create and Schedule Instagram Reel:

1.Go to Marketing > Social Planner > Create Post

2. If you have already connected your Instagram Business Account, you are one step ahead.

Note – Follow this helpful article on how to connect Instagram Business Account.

3. Choose the Instagram Business Account(s)

4. Once you select the accounts, there will be options for Post, Story, and Reel. Go to the tab of Reels to create an Instagram Reel.

📔 Note:

– Suggested video size up to 1GB and for thumbnail is 8MB.

– Aspect Ratio – The dimension should be recommended at 9:16.

– Duration: 15 mins maximum and 3 seconds minimum

– Format: MOV or MP4

5. Once the Instagram reel’s post is created, the user can select the scheduled date and time.

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