Feature Update: SaaS Update: Simplified Customer Mapping in Stripe! πŸ”„

Great news for agencies using Stripe for billing! We’ve listened to your feedback and rolled out an update that will make managing customer-subscription relations a lot more flexible. Say goodbye to the old 1-to-1 mapping limitations! πŸŽ‰

🌟 What’s New

# Flexible Customer Mapping in Stripe πŸ—ΊοΈ

– Previously, each sub-account required its own unique Stripe customer, even if they were part of the same overarching customer.

– Now, you can map multiple sub-accounts to the same Stripe customer, as long as they have different active subscriptions.

# Easy Subscription Management βœ…

Customer Selection: While attaching a subscription to a sub-account, you can now choose from existing customers who are already mapped to another sub-account.

Active Subscription List: After selecting a customer, you’ll see a list of all their active subscriptions that are not yet linked to any other sub-account.

# Flexibility to Create New Customer or Subscription πŸ†•

– You still have the option to create a new Stripe customer or a new subscription if needed.

# πŸ› οΈ How it Works

Go to the Sub-Account: Navigate to the sub-account you want to map in Stripe.

Attach Subscription: Choose an existing Stripe customer or create a new one.

Select an Active Subscription: Choose from the list of active subscriptions not linked to any other sub-account.

This update simplifies your life by making subscription management more flexible and efficient. We hope you enjoy this new level of convenience! 🎈

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