Feature Update: SaaS Update: Customize Onboarding Email Sent to New Location Users

Here’s an exciting news! SaaS agencies can now customize the email that is sent to newly added location users. The template can be updated in SaaS Configurator > Advanced Settings > Customize Welcome Email

How Does It Help?

The onboarding experience is crucial to any SaaS product. In the case of GHL SaaS, the welcome email that is sent to the clients is the first point of interaction for all customers with the SaaS product. and hence naturally, being able to customize that email according to your own brand can take you a long way as far as creating that first impression goes.

*How It Works?

1. By default, a pre-defined email containing login credentials is sent to all newly added location users.

2. The agency now has the option to customize this email template by going into SaaS Configurator > Advanced Settings > Customize Welcome Email.

3. Upon selecting this option, the email builder opens up which gives the agency full control over customizing the layout, adding custom values, implementing their brand’s theme, etc.

4. This new template is then stored inside a location of the agency’s choice and now overrides the default template that we’ve been using.

All the users who are now added to any location from this point on will receive an email following this template.

Future Enhancements

– Easily revert to the default template. (Right now, in order to do this, the agency has to delete the email template at its source inside the location.)

– Lock the template at its source so that it cannot be modified/deleted by mistake.

– Allow defining separate templates for each SaaS brand.

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