Feature Update: SaaS Mode V2: A Revamped SaaS Configurator for Better Monetization and Flexibility 🌟


Great news! We’re super excited to unveil the SaaS Mode V2, featuring a new and improved SaaS Configurator designed to give agencies like yours even more control over your offerings.


Fresh New Look & Customizations🎨

– The SaaS Configurator interface is now sleeker and more intuitive, aimed at enhancing your user experience.

More Control Over Plans 💼

Flexible Rebilling: Agencies can now set different rebilling markups for each plan.

Trial Period Customization: Choose the trial period length for each of your plans.

Complimentary Credits: Offer one-time, non-recurring credits as an incentive upon plan subscription.

How To Access 📍

Want to check it out?

Simply navigate to Agency Settings > Labs > Enable SaaS Configurator V2

So why wait? Optimize your agency’s revenue and customer experience with our all-new SaaS Configurator! 🚀

Sneak Peek:

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