Feature Update: SaaS: Improved Control and Management of Complimentary Credits 🎁

We are thrilled to introduce a series of updates focused on enhancing the management and control of Complimentary Credits. These changes are designed to provide you with greater flexibility and oversight over your Sub-Accounts.

Here’s what’s new:💡

Control Complimentary Credit Rollover 🔄: You can now control the rollover of Complimentary Credits on a Sub-Account level to prevent accumulation in the wallet. This gives you more control over credit balances across your accounts.

Separate Storage for Complimentary Credits 💼: Complimentary Credits are now stored and calculated separately and won’t be included in the Sub-Account Wallet.

Flexible Credit Expiry Options: Agency Users have the ability to set the expiry of Complimentary Credits on a monthly basis by adjusting the rollover toggle button found in the Sub-Account’s View Details Page.

– Rollover Updates for SaaS Plans 🔄: Agencies can update credit rollovers for SaaS plans. Please note that this will *only affect future SaaS purchases and not existing locations*. For existing locations, Agency Users will need to adjust settings in the Sub-Account’s view detail page.

– Wallet Balance Priority 💰: For Sub-Accounts purchasing new SaaS, the first amount will be credited to the Wallet Balance, not the Complimentary Credit. This credit will not expire. However, the follow-up credits from subsequent months can be subject to the rollover effect.

Coming Soon 🌟:

Stay tuned for the introduction of the One Time Recharge feature, which will be part of our new SaaS Configurator UI.

These enhancements aim to provide you with an improved experience and greater control over your Complimentary Credits.

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