Feature Update: Rooms and Equipments

We are excited to introduce a new feature to enhance our users’ scheduling experience Rooms and Equipments

What are Rooms and Equipments?

Rooms: Represent specific locations within your business where services are provided, such as Massage Rooms or Pedicure Stations.

Equipments: Refer to specialized tools and devices used to deliver services, from advanced machines to simple chairs.

Designed for Service-Based Businesses:

This feature is tailored for service-based businesses like doctors’ offices, salons, and healthcare providers, helping them efficiently manage their physical locations and specialized equipment.

Key Benefits

Create and Manage Rooms: Define unique rooms in your business and maintain a list of available equipment tailored to your needs.

Associate with Service Calendars:

– Link rooms and equipment to your service calendars.

– Bookings automatically reserve the necessary rooms and equipment, streamlining the process.

Avoid Double Bookings: The system considers user availability, room, and equipment availability, preventing double bookings and ensuring seamless scheduling.

Note: Each calendar can be linked to only one equipment. For example, ‘Laser Machine’ can be connected to multiple calendars, but each calendar can have only one associated equipment, such as ‘Laser Machine.’

By leveraging this feature, you can optimize your resources, ensuring seamless bookings and enhancing customer service.

Experience efficient resource management and streamlined bookings with our new Rooms and Equipments feature!

Learn More: Rooms and Equipments

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