Feature Update: Record Partial Payments for Invoices

– Business users will now be able to record partial payments for invoices. This is available under the Record payment option on invoices

– This will allow businesses to mark invoices as paid in parts, for instance when an offline part payment is submitted by the customer

– This is available under the Record Payment option under the invoice list view. Users can enter a custom amount less than or equal to the invoice total and mark it as paid

– Receipts and transactions will be generated for partial payments along with automatic notification to your customers. Business users will also be able to fire the Invoice and Payment received trigger for custom use cases

– The status of the invoice will change to Partially Paid after a part payment has been marked for the invoice. Customers will still be able to make online payments for a partially paid invoice

– Amount Due and Amount paid custom values are available inside the invoice custom values in the email builder to make use of the total amount for the invoice, the amount due, and the amount paid for that invoice

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