Feature Update: Recent Updates in Email Builder

We’re excited to introduce some handy enhancements to streamline your experience with our platform.

What’s New? 🚀🚀

Test Email Button on Send or Schedule Screen: Added a test email button on the send or schedule screen for quick pre-launch checks. This automatically syncs with the entry in the send or schedule screen.

Status Filters: Introduced filters on the list view, enabling easy sorting of campaigns by status (failed, sent, archived, draft).

Campaign List Viewing Options: Now you can choose to view 10, 20, or 30 campaigns per page, customizing your viewing experience.

Why It Matters? 😎😎

– Simplifies pre-launch checks.

– Enhances visibility and organization of campaigns.

– Offers flexibility in campaign viewing preferences.

What’s Coming in the Future? 🤩🤩

In the upcoming updates, we’re focusing on further enhancing your experience:

Adding Defaults in Test Screen: We’re working on incorporating default settings in the test screen, making the testing process even smoother.

Page View Stickiness: Soon, you’ll have the ability to save your preferred view settings, ensuring that your page view remains consistent across sessions

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