Feature Update: Quickbooks Integration Enhancements – Automatic Invoice Sync from GHL to QBO

– We have enhanced our existing QBO integration further to create an invoice in QBO when an invoice is marked as sent inside GHL

– This will create a replica of the sent invoice, along with the total amount (including taxes and discounts) on QBO for frictionless accounting sync

– Any updates made on the invoice inside GHL will be updated on QBO. This will include any invoice status change transitions inside GHL, such as the invoice is paid by the customer, or invoice is voided on GHL or any further discount is added upon customer request

– This will not sync existing invoices already created within GHL. Only new invoices created from now on will get synced inside QBO

– If a customer exists inside QBO with the same email ID with which the transaction is processed, we will update the sales receipt corresponding to the same customer inside QB

– If the customer is not present, we will create a new customer against the email ID with which the transaction is processed

– Sub-accounts can connect their QBO account by navigating to the sub-account Settings -> Integrations. This will start working for businesses who already have their QBO account connected without any additional step requirement

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