Feature Update: Publish Your First Instagram Story in Social Planner 🤩

Exciting Launch💃 of Instagram story (without mobile notification) in Social Planner!! 🤩

Harness the power of the Instagram Story Post Composer in Social Planner. Social Planner now supports direct posting to Instagram Story. We might be amongst the first few in the social media marketing space to provide direct posting of Instagram Story.

How to Create Instagram Story?

1. Go to Marketing > Social Planner > Create Post

2. The user has to select Instagram Professional Account.

– Note – They can select multiple Instagram professional accounts.

– Note – The user can’t select other social media platforms, if they select other social accounts the story option will not be visible.

3. Select the Media from image or video.

– User can select media for image 10MB or video 100MB.

– User can add a maximum of 10 images/video

4. Once the media is added to Instagram Story, the user can schedule or send for approval the Instagram story.

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