Feature Update: Prospecting Tool – Unlock Success with Prospect Conversion Likelihood Score 🎯

In our ongoing commitment to empower our prospecting efforts, we are thrilled to introduce the “Prospect Conversion Score.” This innovative feature is designed to revolutionise the way agencies prioritise and target prospects.

Key Features

🧩 Sophisticated Scoring Model: We have developed a robust scoring model that takes into account various prospect data points, including GBP Claim status, average reviews and other key prospect data along with demographics, and historical conversion data.

📊 Thresholds: We’ve defined specific thresholds for prospect scores, categorising them as high, moderate, or low conversion likelihood. This feature helps Agencies quickly identify the most promising prospects.

🔎 Enhanced Searching: When searching for prospects within our platform, the Conversion Likelihood Score provides agencies with an instant and insightful snapshot of each prospect’s potential to convert. This empowers agencies to make more informed decisions in their prospecting strategy.

⚙️ Prospect Dashboard Integration: The Conversion Likelihood Score is seamlessly integrated into the Prospect Dashboard, allowing users to view this vital information in one centralised location. Users can now quickly identify high-potential prospects and prioritise engagement accordingly.

The Conversion Likelihood Score is available when searching for prospects and is accessible within the Prospect Dashboard and the Prospect Marketing Audit Report for agencies.

To learn more about the Prospecting Tool, click here 👈🏻

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