Feature Update: Prospecting Tool – Lead Information of Prospects is LIVE! 🎯

We are delighted to announce the launch of a powerful enhancement to our Prospecting Tool – the integration of Lead Information for Prospects. With this update, users will gain access to comprehensive lead information directly within the Point of Contacts section.

Here’s what you can expect:

Key Features

🔎 Lead Information: For each generated prospect, users can now access vital lead details such as their role, expertise, and more.

🌐 Social Media Profiles: Easily connect with prospects through their linked Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles (if available).

📍 Location Details: Gain insights into the geographical location of prospects, helping you tailor your outreach strategies effectively.

📞 Contact Information: Access essential contact details including phone numbers and email addresses, streamlining your communication process.

How to Access Business Details of a Prospect:

– Navigate to Prospecting Tab

– Go to any Prospect Account in the Dashboard

– Proceed to the Point of Contacts tab to view the Lead information

This integration aims to empower users with deeper insights into their prospects, enabling more informed decision-making and personalised engagement strategies.

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