Feature Update: Prospecting Tool – Chat Widget Detection in Prospect Website 💬

We’re excited to introduce a powerful new feature in our prospecting tool! Now, you can effortlessly identify the presence of a Chat Widget on a prospect’s website, and this information will be seamlessly integrated into the Marketing Audit Report.

Key Highlights

1. 🔎 Chat Widget Detection: Our system now automatically scans the prospect’s website to determine whether a Chat Widget is present. This feature empowers you with valuable insights into a business’s online customer engagement capabilities.

2. 📊 Enhanced Marketing Audit Report: The Chat Widget presence, or absence, is incorporated into the comprehensive Marketing Audit Report generated for your prospects. This provides you with yet another essential detail to tailor your pitch and engagement strategies.

With this new feature, you can stay ahead of the competition and offer even more targeted solutions to potential clients. We’re confident that Chat Widget detection will be an invaluable addition to your prospecting arsenal. Start leveraging this feature today and supercharge your outreach efforts!

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