Feature Update: Proposals and Estimates Trigger Now Live Inside Workflows

– Business users will now be able to utilize the Proposals and Estimates trigger to trigger a workflow for use cases based upon the change in the state of a document

– This will allow businesses with multiple use cases, like updating opportunity tags, sending an invoice, attaching tags to contacts, or maintaining any record through actions like Google Sheets/Slack after the proposal/estimate has been sent/signed by one of the recipients or completed by all participants

– Users will be able to filter the trigger based on specific conditions like the document status, or value or the document type

– The most common use case can be to trigger a workflow based on the document status

1. Sent – Triggers the workflow when the document has been marked as Sent by the business

2. Signed/Accepted – Based on the condition that it has been signed by one of the recipients of the document (Useful in case of multiple recipients receiving the document and the business needs to maintain a record whenever any recipient has signed/accepted it)

3. Completed – Triggers the workflow when the document has been signed by all recipients who received the document

– Business users will also be able to create If/Else branches based on the above conditions along with value or document type criteria to branch the workflow based on the specific filters

– Custom values will also function for the specific contact to fulfill any use cases or send out custom notifications upon specific events or conditions

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