Feature Update: Pre-Buffer for Calendars

Buffers represent additional time that can be added before and/or after an appointment. Previously, calendars only had post buffers. We are now excited to introduce pre-buffers as well, allowing users with more flexibility.

What’s New?

– You can now add both pre and post-buffers for an appointment. Pre pre-buffer is added before an appointment whereas a post-buffer is added after an appointment.

– Adding this would allocate buffer time to be considered when scheduling any new appointments.

– This feature can be beneficial if you need extra time to get ready before an appointment or wind down after a presentation.

Important Points to Note

1. Buffers only apply to events booked through the booking widget or directly from the app. However, events created outside the app (e.g., Google, Outlook, iCloud) are taken into consideration when finding a free slot while scheduling a meeting with a buffer from the widget/app. This means that buffers cannot overlap with any other existing calendar event.

2. If there’s a 30-minute appointment with 15-minute buffers before and after, someone else booking on the same day will see an available slot 30 minutes after the existing booking. This is due to two buffers being applied consecutively, as there will be a 15-minute post-buffer for the existing appointment and a 15-minute pre-buffer for the new appointment.

How to Use?

1. Choose the calendar to which you want to add buffers for appointments.

2. Navigate to the Availability section.

3. Specify the duration you want for both the pre and post-buffers and click on save.

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