Feature Update: Parity in Email Builder Statistics with Bulk Actions 🤩

The Email Builder now ensures uniformity in statistics when using Bulk Actions, including numerical data. Enhanced reporting is now available for all delivery methods in Email Builder, encompassing send now, schedule, batch, and RSS. 🚀 Users now have access to charts and options to view numerical data and percentages, providing a more comprehensive reporting experience.

How It Was?

– Email Builder was calculating the data on all the end delivered while bulk actions were showing data based on the sent count.

– Discrepancies existed in open count calculations between Email Builder and Bulk Actions. Email Builder employed the formula Open count/Delivered.

– Confusion arose from varying terminology usage, such as “attempted” and “successful“, leading to customer mix-ups.

– Skipped emails were factored into Error statistics, akin to hard bounce and soft bounce metrics.

🚀 Solution Implemented

1. Implemented a simplified UI to align with Bulk Actions, reducing ticket counts and streamlining the user experience.

2. Added a chart to illustrate email statuses over time, offering a visual representation of email performance.

3. Adopted the industry-standard formula for calculating Open Rate: Open Count/Sent, in line with competitors in the market. This ensures consistency in reporting metrics and facilitates a clearer understanding of email performance.

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