Feature Update: New Trigger for Workflows

Release Type: T3 – Enhancement

Release Notes

Revolutionize your affiliate sales management with our latest trigger designed to capture all successful sales by affiliates. From one-time purchases to recurring transactions and manual sales, this trigger serves as a centralized mechanism for efficient affiliate sales management.

🌟 How it Works

1. Navigate to Automation> Workflows.

2. Create a new workflow or select an existing one.

3. Add the “New Affiliate Sales” trigger.

4. Customize the trigger name and select the relevant campaign.

🚀 Some Use Cases

Congratulatory Email/SMS to the Affiliate: Benefit: Boost affiliate morale and engagement, fostering a positive experience and increasing loyalty.

Notification Email/SMS to the Customer: Benefit: Acknowledge customer purchases promptly, enhancing satisfaction and potentially increasing retention.

Add Customer Tag for Segmentation: Benefit: Enable targeted marketing efforts by automatically categorizing customers based on their purchase behavior.

Add Notes and Tasks for Customer: Benefit: Enhance customer relationship management with centralized tracking of post-sale interactions.

Learn more about this new trigger here

Leverage the power of the New Affiliate Sales trigger to streamline and personalize your affiliate and customer experiences, ultimately driving increased performance and satisfaction. Upgrade your affiliate sales workflow today!

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