Feature Update: New Terms and Conditions Element Added to Survey Builder πŸš€

πŸš€ About this release

This release introduces an important update to ensure compliance with A2P (Application-to-Person) regulations in the United States. To meet the upcoming requirements, we have added a new Terms and Conditions (T & C) element to the customised section of the survey builder. This element allows users to include consent when collecting phone information.

🀩 What’s New

– The Terms and Conditions (T & C) element has been incorporated into the survey builder, enabling users to include consent for phone information collection.

– When the phone element is moved within the form, the Terms and Conditions element will be automatically added, but users can also add it separately if needed.

– The inclusion of the Terms and Conditions (T & C) element in survey submissions ensures compliance with A2P regulations.

Links in Terms and Conditions: Our enhanced element now lets you include clickable links directly within the Terms and Conditions content. Make your legal agreements more interactive and accessible.

Text Color Control: Tailor the appearance of your Terms and Conditions text by selecting the perfect text color. Customize it to match your brand or design preferences effortlessly.

Link Color Control: Achieve consistency and style by choosing the ideal color for your links within the Terms and Conditions. Keep your design harmonious and user-friendly.

😎 Benefits

Compliance: This release ensures adherence to upcoming A2P regulations by providing an easy way to include consent for phone information collection.

Customisability: Users have the flexibility to add, modify, or remove the Terms and Conditions element as required, tailoring it to their specific needs.


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