Feature Update: New Operator for Custom Widgets: IS ALL OF

👀 What’s New?

Introducing the powerful “IS ALL OF” operator in dashboard widgets to elevate your insights and reporting capabilities.

👷‍♂️ How It Works?

Imagine you want to filter contacts with tags A, B, and C (AND condition). Now, with the new “IS ALL OF” operator, simply choose the filter “Tags IS ALL OF A, B, C.” The widget will smartly display all contacts that possess all three tags, streamlining your data for precise insights.

⭐ Why it Matters?

By empowering you to select multiple parameters with the new operator, we’ve made it easier than ever to refine and tailor your data. Whether you’re tracking sales, analyzing user behavior, or monitoring specific criteria, the “IS ALL OF” operator ensures your dashboard delivers exactly what you need.

🚀 Important Notes:

Users with tags A, B, C, and D will still be displayed under the mentioned condition since they satisfy the criteria of having tags A, B, and C.

Upgrade your dashboard experience with the “IS ALL OF” operator—making data insights as simple as selecting a filter! 🚀📊

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