Feature Update: New Group View Template


The Neo Group View Template is designed to bring a fresh and modern aesthetic to your group organization. By adopting this template, users can transform the way their groups are presented and accessed, resulting in a cleaner and more attractive interface.

Key Features

1. Staff Selection: new enhanced experience for Staff selection for a particular service. If the calendar has enabled staff selection for it from the calendar settings.

2. Sophisticated Design: Neo offers a sleek and sophisticated design, elevating the visual appeal of your groups. It combines aesthetics with functionality for a refined user experience.

3. Calendar-Specific Images: One of the standout features of the Neo template is its ability to display calendar-specific images. This adds a personalized touch to each calendar within your group.

4. Integrating Unsplash: To motivate users to upload cover images for the Group view, we’ve seamlessly integrated Unsplash, allowing users to effortlessly browse and insert images directly from an extensive collection of high-resolution visuals.Streamlined Flow: Neo optimizes the flow of information, making it easier for users to navigate and access the content they need swiftly.

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